The Hidden Cause Of Excess Belly Fat


Excess belly fat can be incredibly stubborn. Even devoted dieters and exercisers struggle with it. If you’ve lost a lot of weight it’s usually the last thing to go.

Belly fat doesn’t just tighten your pants and ruin your beach body. It can be seriously harmful. Belly fat is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and other nasty conditions. Even with a slim figure, a belly can be a sign of too much fat around your organs.

There’s a lot of advice out there about losing belly fat. Some of this advice is obvious, like eating less and moving more. However, there’s some important causes of belly fat most people don’t know.

We’ve done the research for you, cut through the noise and identified three main factors standing in the way of you getting the flat belly of your dreams.

If you eliminate these problems from your life, you won’t just get a flatter stomach and boost your confidence at the beach. You’ll also eliminate harmful abdominal fat that could be destroying your long term health.

Hidden Cause 1 - Alcohol

For many people, this won’t be good news. Many people enjoy winding down with an adult beverage occasionally. Yet alcohol could be the reason you’re struggling to lose that stubborn belly fat, even if you live a healthy lifestyle the rest of the time.

We’ve all heard about a “beer belly”, but this effect isn’t limited to beer. Wines and spirits can also pack unsightly fat on your abdomen, even if you drink lower calorie beverages like hard seltzers.

The reason is simple. Drinking alcohol doesn’t just introduce a ton of calories into your system, it also turns off your body’s ability to burn fat. As soon as you drink alcohol, your liver stops burning fat and starts processing booze. And sadly, this effect doesn’t end as soon as you put down your last cocktail. It can continue for days afterwards.

It’s a tough pill to swallow if you live for the weekend, but giving up or seriously cutting down on your alcohol intake could be all it takes to turn your keg into a six-pack.

Hidden Cause 2 - Trans Fats

You’ve probably heard of trans fats. The media is full of studies linking trans fats to heart disease, inflammation and high cholesterol.

Trans fats are in most convenience and junk foods, from cookies and baked goods to pizzas, french fries and even crackers. Manufacturers use trans fats to increase the shelf life of goods. So if the expiry date is months away, it probably contains trans fats.

You probably already know trans fats are unhealthy. But did you know they cause more belly fat than other foods with an equal amount of calories?

A recent study has found that eating trans fats can even take fat from elsewhere in your body and pile it on your belly. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happens. When you eat trans fats, it causes hormonal changes that redistributes fat from the rest of your body straight to the stomach.

If you want a flat belly look, you should cut out trans fats entirely. Unfortunately that isn’t easy with today’s modern lifestyle. If you’re eating convenience food that’s full of trans-fats, it’s probably because you’re busy, you’re on the go, and you’re hungry between meals. So it’s incredibly helpful to control your hunger with an appetite suppressing fat burner.

Hidden Cause 3 - Slow Metabolic Rate

Your metabolism is the process where your body utilises calories for energy. If you have a fast metabolism, your body uses the calories you eat efficiently. In other words, if your metabolism is faster, you’ll burn more calories. If you have a slow metabolism, you’re likely to end up packing excess fat - not just on your belly but all over your body.

Unfortunately your metabolic rate tends to slow down as you get older. You’ll also slow down your metabolism if you’re under a lot of stress, or you’re not sleeping enough. Sadly some people also have a genetically slow metabolism, which makes them more prone to weight gain than others.

Thankfully there are steps you can take to boost your metabolic rate. Weight training and increasing your muscle mass definitely helps, as does making sure you get plenty of sleep every night and controlling your levels of stress.

However, these steps take time. If you want an instant metabolic boost, you should try a natural fat burning pill that speeds up the metabolism. We’d recommend SKALD, which contains ingredients clinically proven to quicken your metabolic rate.