#1: SKALD Review – 2019

An incredible fat loss product, SKALD makes top of our list for a lot of great reasons.

You already know just how much we believe in well-rounded supplements, and this isn’t just any old fly-by-night, generic product.

While most other brands are focused on stimulants–either adding too much, spiking their formulas with unregulated, untested versions, or even obscuring the names of common ingredients to confuse you–SKALD actually has a key differentiation that matters: improved respiration.

This is huge, as any serious athlete will tell you the #1 key to getting seriously shredded is going to be cardio.

SKALD happens to be a very solid thermo developed primarily for high-intensity athletes, although numerous other fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels have found it equally beneficial for fat loss, endurance, energy, appetite suppression, motivation, or all of the above.

In fact, it’s even managed to impress serious top-level athletes, such as Stephan Bonnar, who isn’t just an amazing MMA fighter in his own right, but the dude is also in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Key Aspects:

Ok, since this is all about fat loss, let’s tackle that aspect first: SKALD provides a high-quality blend of both lipolytic and thermogenic components. The mutual inclusion of both is very valuable since it promotes a good synergy for effective weight loss. With lipolysis, you get the release of fat stores, while thermogenesis (heat production) is the key factor in burning away those fatty acids for energy.

They’ve also included White Willow Bark, a natural source of salicin, which has been studied for its ability to boost thermogenesis when combined with synephrine, one of the primary components in SKALD.

Now let’s move onto energy. When it comes to stimulants, these types of products can go one of two ways: either spiked to the point you can’t blink and grind your teeth into powder, or you’re riding a smooth, clean rush that keeps you jamming straight through your routine without any crash. While SKALD has included several stimulants in its profile, each one has been dosed enough to land it in the second (better) category. Even at full dose (2 capsules) we’ve never felt over-anxious, jittery or uneasy in any way. In fact, I could even compare the energy to the original OEP. Very clean sensation that puts you in a fully confident state.

The energy is also consistent. No surge and crash. Just good and steady throughout the entire session, with enough juice left over to get you home without gym peeling you off the locker room floor. Stims in SKALD include N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Synephrine, Theobromine and Caffeine Anhydrous.

As for focus, it’s solid. There’s really only one true nootropic in SKALD, but it’s a good one (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine). This is the most potent, soluble and stable form of Tyrosine, which is metabolized to form Noradrenaline, Adrenaline, and other motivational neurotransmitters. So, you can see that it’s not just a nootropic, but a stimulant, as well. In the right doses and combination with other components, you can experience feelings of euphoria and tighter concentration. ‘Nuff said.

Appetite Suppression: This part’s pretty cut-and-dry. SKALD provides effective hunger control through the inclusion synephrine. From our experience, it helped stave hunger for a good couple hours or so, which was plenty.

Improved Breathing: again, this is what makes SKALD truly unique. This also happens to be the main reason we decided to review it, because if there’s one thing we despise, it’s cardio. So when their guys said it was specially designed to help support respiration and endurance, we were all thumbs. What’s going on here is the inclusion of a special key component that stimulates bronchodilation, which is the relaxation and expansion of respiratory airways.

And, yeah, it’s noticeable.

In fact, we even did a comparison:

Going head-to-head with NDS Nutrition’s Cardio Cuts (not sure why they call it that, since there’s no real aspect that actually targets cardiorespiratory fitness, but it’s the only supplement we could find that might work in a comparative study), there was no contest.

With SKALD, warm-up periods took far less time (6 minutes versus 11 minutes), with a noticeable decrease in chest strain during both normal breathing and deep inhalation.

In addition, fitness sessions lasted 23% longer with SKALD than with CC (74 minutes versus 60 minutes) denoting a remarkable improvement in endurance with SKALD.

SKALD Benefits

If your thing is high-intensity fitness, then you’ve got a lot of factors to consider over the average athlete. You need energy, fat loss and stamina. Quite a tall order. The good thing is SKALD covers all this.


* Highly effective at ramping metabolism
* Great for improving cardio
* Sustained energy
* Appetite suppression
* Mental clarity and focus


* Possible loss of sleep
* Frequently sells out of stock

As with any other stimulant-based product, SKALD should not to be taken within the last third of your normal waking hours. Always be sure to drink plenty of water when using this or any other thermogenic supplement, as your body tends to lose a lot of fluids on account of increased body heat and sweating.

Bottom line:

While still a relative newcomer compared to the other brands on our list, SKALD is showing serious clout. It’s also nice to see it caters to a particular athletic design, primarily fighters, Crossfitters, and similar. MusclePharm started on this path by focusing [mostly] on UFC, until they began churning out more and more diverse athletic endorsements, including football and bikini championships.

That said, whether or not you’re a “fighter”, if the aim is lean muscularity, endurance, or just straight fat burning, SKALD more than has you covered.