#1: SKALD Review – 2022

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There's one key reason that SKALD tops our list of recommended fat burners. It's quite simply the most revolutionary weight loss product ever legally available in the United States.

SKALD's manufacturers have created a safe, natural and legal alternative to the world's most powerful banned weight loss discovery - DMHA.

That alone would be an incredibly impressive achievement. But, as you'll learn if you keep reading, they've taken it even further - adding an impressive selection of fat melting ingredients that make it even easier to lose weight than with DMHA.

Whether you need fat loss, endurance, energy, appetite suppression or motivation, SKALD quite simply has it all.

Key Aspects

Let's tackle the most incredible thing first: the safe, natural and legal reproduction of DMHA’s effects.

Maybe you were lucky enough to try DMHA when it was legal. Most likely you've just heard the legends.

No hunger pangs. No cravings. Constant energy and focus. An incredible mood lift. And of course, fat simply disappearing from your body, almost effortlessly.

I'm happy to report that SKALD does all of these things and more - just like the original.

How did they manage this unbelievable feat? Well, DMHA delivers a sharp increase in energy, focus and alertness. It provides a substantial and immediate reduction in appetite. And it also delivers an overwhelming boost in mood. When experienced together, these effects almost inevitably lead to massive and rapid fat loss.

The scientists at BELDT Labs hunted far and wide for a natural ingredient to replicate these effects, and eventually they found one. It’s called “Juniperus Communis”, also known as the juniper berry.

They found Juniper Berry Extract performed in the exact same way as DMHA, completely legally. It boosts mood and focus, it reduces appetite, and people who take it tend to lose a dramatic amount of weight.

The result is DMHA for the 21st century - safe, natural and mind blowingly effective for rapid fat loss.

You get an incredible energy rush. You feel fantastic. And you just don't feel hungry. At all. It's staggering...

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Now Lets Move On To The Other Ingredients...

Yes, they didn't stop there. They've also added a host of other ingredients, including an interesting mix of natural ingredients they call Oxydynamic compounds.

These extracts have been used for thousands of years to soothe and heal the lungs. And according to the clinical research, they actually help to reduce lung inflammation.

Why is this so useful to people who are trying to lose weight and transform the way they look? One word: exercise.

When your lungs work better, exercise is so much easier and less daunting. In our testing, we found it made our lungs feel significantly better during cardio and weight lifting. It's just one more reason not to skip a trip to the gym - and we could all use that!

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What About Mood?

We've all been there. During happy times, we count calories religiously and exercise until we drop. Yet as soon as something happens to disrupt our mood, the whole thing falls apart. Anything from a family emergency to a cruel comment from a co-worker can send us straight to the ice cream aisle or the burger joint.

SKALD contains a range of ingredients designed to help you maintain a good mood and lift you up when you're feeling low. These include a feel good chemical extracted from chocolate and a natural stress reliever used by the US Military. That means you can resist emotional eating and stay focused on your goals.

Of course, nothing boosts the mood like seeing the pounds drop. So you'll be glad to hear that SKALD does that too!

The Pros and Cons of SKALD

Of course, nothing is perfect. We've outlined our feelings about SKALD below

  • SKALD works exactly like the legendary banned weight loss solution DMHA to induce fat loss, suppress appetite and boost endurance, energy and motivation.
  • It delivers an incredibly potent rush of steady energy with no jitters or crash. Perfect if you want to exercise more or find the time to eat healthy.
  • Contains clinically proven natural ingredients to help boost mood and reduce appetite.
  • In our tests, the Oxydynamic ingredients made intense cardio feel easier and more pleasant.


  • SKALD is made of rare natural ingredients, so it's a lot harder to find than most fat burners. They run out of stock often.
  • There are rumours that Congress could ban SKALD, just like they banned DMHA.
  • It's incredibly potent and effective, so users must ensure they don't go below a healthy weight.
  • The bottle may not be recyclable everywhere.

Our Final Verdict

We've tried dozens of fat loss pills, fat burners and weight loss remedies, from well known drugstore brands to obscure Chinese herbs.

There's simply nothing like SKALD on the market today for people who are serious about changing their body fast. The formulation is absolutely unique, and uniquely effective.

Unfortunately, SKALD's manufacturers can't seem to keep it in stock. It's selling at an incredible rate, and they just can't source enough of the rare natural ingredients to keep up with demand.

If you aren't happy with your body, you owe it to yourself to try SKALD. If you're lucky enough to find any, that is...

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