MusclePharm Shred Sport Review

*NOTE: This review is for the originally released Shred Sport, which was just a rebranding of Shred Matrix, and since those formulas are/were the same this review could be applied to either one.

That said, Shred Sport has made a significant reformulation since then, although we will not be updating with a review for that newest version since completely changing the formulation means you now have a completely different product.

In other words: enjoy our Shred Matrix review…

Shred Matrix delivers well on its fat burning promise, even in spite of sacrificing more potent stimulants. So, while it may take a bit longer than some thermos to see results, it generally means you’re spared the shakes and irritability.

More intense athletes, however, might consider this a serious letdown…

A densely formulated fat burner to consider would be Shred Matrix by MusclePharm, especially if your particular sport requires drug testing.

This does not imply that any supplement containing substances which do not meet anti-doping criteria are unsafe. These standards are set up through the corresponding sport’s governing bodies for their own specific reasons, and tend to vary between each athletic division. It is completely up to anyone subject to testing to get all supplements cleared before use.

Active Ingredients

With an ingredient list so extensive it could be mistaken for a turn-paper on advanced horticulture, we’ll spare you the tedium and cover as many major points as possible.

First, it’s set up as an 8-stage formula, no doubt designed to break its numerous components into much more palatable thematic blocks:

Stages 1&2 (10 ingredients) go to energy and metabolism. Stages 3&4 (9 ingredients) cover appetite suppression. Stage 5 (7 ingredients) is designed to balance mood. Stage 6 (2 ingredients) is for mental acuity. Stage 7 (2 ingredients), elimination of excess fluids. And stage 8 (a whopping 24 ingredients) tackles blood sugar stability.

Muscle Pharm’s Shred Matrix also consists of primarily natural ingredients that come in the form of an extract, and with extracts you have to remember that higher dosages are required (hence the almost 2,500mg proprietary measure).

Shred Matrix Benefits:

There’s no doubt MusclePharm had their work cut out when it came to satisfying not only the performance needs of athletes but the standards of anti-doping agencies, as well. But they pull it off quite nicely. In fact, with such a tall order, Shred Matrix still delivers pretty well on its thermogenic capabilities, appetite control, blood-sugar regulation, mood elevation and even excess fluid elimination.

* Increased metabolism
* Healthier digestive system
* Increased energy levels
* Appetite Suppression

* Slower results
* Possible nausea, headache and/or upset stomach
* Sleeplessness
* Increased heart rate
* Large dosage

Remember that Shred Matrix contains caffeine-based ingredients, which often means an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Avoid using during the last third of your waking hours to prevent sleeplessness/insomnia. Consult a physician if you have had any previous medical conditions, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Fitness enthusiasts generally give Shred Matrix an average score. A high number of consumers experienced a noticeable drop in weight, but admit to having only a slight increase of energy compared to what was advertised. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, but rather that the standards of consumers in general are on the rise, as far as their expectations toward stimulant-based fat burners. In addition, not many users noticed strong appetite suppression either, although they did experience an increase of body temperature, which is really the design of thermogenic supplements in the first place.

Shred Matrix can be summed up as a hit or miss by consumers, and the long list of ingredients can make it a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, especially when faced with such a large dosage. In spite of all this, Shred Matrix is still a quality blend that can most certainly appeal to the more serious athlete of "pure" standards.