BSN Hyper Shred Review

Another time-tested company with many hits to their credit (including N.O. Xplode and CellMass), BSN delivers yet another potent concoction, known as Hyper Shred, which bears a unique blend of vitamins and stimulants designed to promote the natural boost in energy and metabolic action necessary to burn fat quickly.

Active Ingredients:

Hyper Shred capitalizes on the use of caffeine and synephrine (the tamer, more widely acceptable cousin of ephedrine), as well as red and black pepper to ramp metabolic activity for greater fat loss.

Then comes a congruent blend of nootropic agents, such as Bacopa, DL-Phenylalanine, and toothed clubmoss, for their enhancement of mental acuity. And lastly, Banaba leaf and chromium chloride for blood-sugar support and appetite control.

Benefits of Hyper Shred

ith around 180mg of caffeine per single capsule, Hyper Shred offers up a little under two-cups-of-coffee worth of pep to get things moving. Then there’s the addition of synephrine which creates a sort-of buzz-like effect, much the way ephedrine does, only not quite as pronounced. These two together can be a bit much for some, but are still very handy for their double-edged stimulant/fat-burning boost. Toss in the added thermogenic qualities of the red and black pepper, and you’ve got yourself quite an effective weight loss cocktail.

With Hyper Shred’s nootropic blend, you can expect an increase of mental clarity and focus for those longer bouts of training. Appetite and blood sugar stability are also handled through a very simple, yet quality, blend of blood-sugar-regulating components.

* IIncreased metabolism
* Weight loss
* Promotes appetite control
* Excellent energy booster
* Heightened clarity and focus

* Possibility of intense body heat with profuse sweating
* Sleeplessness/insomnia
* Increased heart rate
* Nervousness
* Stomach cramps

You should never consume additional stimulants while using Hyper Shred as it can increase heart rate and incite irritability. Sleep problems derive primarily from taking the supplement too late in the day (roughly the last third of waking hours), and it’s recommended that users drink plenty of water while taking this fat burner to prevent dehydration.

While some admit that energy levels are not as high as expected when supplementing Hyper Shred (perhaps all the marketing set the bar too high?), others rail over all the quaking queasiness (including us). However, the amount of weight lost can make up for it. You should also expect an increase in body heat and possible profuse sweating. Some complain about night sweats during the first week or two of taking Hyper Shred, but then state that it eventually goes away.

From where we sit–and stand and lift and play–Hyper Shred seems appropriate to the more hardcore lifter, however it still boasts highly effective fat burning capabilities that any athlete can appreciate.